call to arms 3

In a single word, we are about “JUSTICE”, Justice for Owners, lease holders and drivers.

We are one Industry and need each other. The government is endeavouring to divide us and defeat us. We must fight together.

The legislation introduced by the Baird NSW State Government is demonstrably the most unfair impost on a defenceless section of the community ever introduced into this State since Federation.

To all members and families of the Taxi fraternity the financial, emotional and even physical consequences need no explanation.

Current Issues:

  • The “compensation” which was no compensation;
  • The piddling amount eventually doled out with the government then unreasonably taxing it;
  • The “hardship” package promised which after more than 2 years delay still does not exist;
  • The passing, without compensation, of more than 100 of our senior members during the governments purposely instigated delay; and
  • The unconscionable business practices granted to so called “rideshare” at the expense of the regulated industry.The list goes on.

Why did the Government do this?

It is the obvious intent of the Government to deregulate the industry without any meaningful compensation. The pittance offered is purely a token gesture to fool the misinformed public into believing they have acted fairly.

How do they intend to achieve their agenda?

By driving plate values down to virtually zero. Then instigate a “buy back” for “market value”.

They intend to turn permanent plates into leases.

How do they intend to get away with it?

By making it virtually impossible for us to communicate with each other and represent ourselves as a united force.

The Taxi Industry Association (TIA) and the NSW Taxi Council represent only themselves and the Networks.

Both of the Associations & Networks refuse to divulge how many members they still have and refuse to release member contact information for us to communicate with each other.

No consultation, no transition and media embargo.

So fellow members of the Industry – What are you going to do about it?

Siting in the corner and whimpering like a beaten dog or get up and fight?

Do you care about your love ones who may be left destitute after your passing?

If you care, join us in our fight for justice.

Therefore register and you will gain a voice and be kept informed.

We will become the force of progress.

TOSBA can’t fight for you if we do not know who you are.

We can’t get the politicians to take serious notice without numbers.

Some politicians are now taking notice of our crises and are prepared to support our cause.

The more numbers the more notice.

Remember these old wise words.

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.

So please inform any members of the Taxi Family of NSW, TOSBA is here to stay.

Don’t leave it up to others. Join TOSBA Now.